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February is a warm and fuzzy month and the team at Everything Happy has been bitten by the “love bug”.  We have some exciting events we’ve put together for our favorite sweeties…YOU!   Thanks to you, we are able to carry on our mission of “one to love, one to give”.  That makes us very, very happy!

#HappyHearts Photo Contest

Now we want to see what makes you happy!  Is it snuggling with your little one while reading Goodnight Moon?  Giving back at your local shelter or organization?  Feeling the love of being surrounded by family and friends?

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Summer2Hi Happies!~

SUMMER, my favorite season!  Kids home from school. Bare feet. Baseball. Swimming. Bike rides. Farmers markets.

Trying to keep your kids safe and having fun all summer can be a challenge.  Here are a few “sun” tips to make that a little easier this year!

Let’s talk sunscreen…. As a teenager, I had a not so smart affinity for soaking up the rays.  Sunscreen…not so much, it was more like baby oil and sunburns.  After two children and having pre-cancerous moles removed, I am much wiser about sun exposure and the non-toxic options of sunscreen.

There are so many questions when it comes to sun exposure and sunscreen.  Is sun exposure good for you?  How much?  What do we need to protect ourselves from when it comes to the sun?  What ingredients are not safe to use?

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June Happiness Hero: Grant

Grant 1

By Jessica Johnson

March 30, 2010 our Family was blessed with a beautiful 7lb. 9oz. baby boy! When Grant was born his heart rate was around 280 beats per minute. The Doctors told us that all babies are born with higher heart rates. Since I had a very long labor they figured it was from all the trauma Grant went through. They told us they would allow one hour to see if his heart rate dropped. Unfortunately, his heart rate never did drop.

The Doctors contacted Dayton Children’s Medical Center to pick Grant up and since he was stable he was allowed to travel by ambulance. As the squad got there they wheeled him into my room. Seeing his little body in an incubator hooked up to all the different machines and not being able to go with him is one experience that no Mother or Father should have to go through.

The staff that picked him up were some of the kindest people we’ve ever met. They told us exactly what they was going to do and that once he was all settled in his new room they would contact us and that we could contact them at any time to check on him.

So what was supposed to be one of the most joyous days of our lives as new parents, turned into one of the most frightening days. We did not know what the future was to hold for our baby boy.

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Without hope we have nothing!

We decided to change the name of the new Butterfly from Flutter to Hope and I know this might be a disappointment to some, but I think after reading this you’ll understand better. Renee has been a friend of ours for several years now and we think she’s a remarkably brave woman. She has inspired all of us and we “hope” her story encourages you too. We think our butterfly will be a symbol of happiness, a great reminder of hope to many people!

by Renee Backstrom

Renee Backstrom

I am a bereaved mother of three; Cooper, Willow and Greyson, and I have made it my mission to keep our babies’ legacies alive by helping others who have experienced similar pain. I became involved with Everything Happy shortly after the loss of our first baby. I was looking for a way to give back and what better way then by representing and spreading the word about this amazing company? 

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Our April Happiness Hero: Isabelle



Meet Isabelle. This sweet little girl had a big battle to fight as soon as she entered the world. Isabelle had open heart surgery at birth and thankfully she is doing remarkably well now! We’re so glad she is a part of our Everything Happy Family!


Her brave Mom, Amy, shares her story.

“From the moment I heard the word “unfortunately” from the obgyn during our 1st ultrasound when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child, my heart sank with the fear of the unknown. At first the Doctors thought our baby might have a genetic issue due to some high numbers that came back on the early screening ultrasound, which for any parent is devastating to hear that your baby might not be healthy. After a lot of prayer and some testing, we ruled out any major genetic issues, however at our full body ultrasound of the baby just a couple weeks later, I knew something was wrong with the baby’s heart when they spent a good 20 minutes on the heart alone. And sure enough, my mother’s intuition was sadly on point. Our baby had a congenital heart defect. At first the Doctors thought it was much more severe, however after a lot of prayer & asking God to heal her heart, with each fetal echo they did the diagnosis improved. Our baby girl still had a heart defect, but it wasn’t as severe as they initially thought. I tried to take each little piece of good news and be thankful for that and just take one day at a time to enjoy my pregnancy. 

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If Wiggle’s Your Girl!

Wiggle Hippo

Sometimes we have to make really tough decisions here in Happy Land and we’ve decided, based on your great feedback, that bringing out new HAPPY characters on a consistent basis is very important to you! With that being said, we’ve decided to retire some of our existing friends to bring you new characters!

Now we know that might make some of you VERY sad but it definitely isn’t a permanent thing.

We have a shipment of medium Wiggle the Hippo Happy Blankies coming in next week and once that shipment and our in stock large Happy Blankie’s are gone then we’re closing up the “vault”.

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Moving Forward!

Spring brings warmer weather, fresh growth and new beginnings!

It’s been awhile since we’ve written a blog post and as you may have noticed quite a bit has changed since we started Happy Blankie in 2009. We’ve been in retail stores, we’ve tried Direct Sales and we’ve listened to your feedback the entire time throughout the journey.

Due to rising manufacturing costs we will be streamlining our business and making a few changes so we can continue to bring happiness to children in need! Our new focus is to simplify and strengthen our company by taking things back to the basics. Moving forward we will be concentrating on the following:

– Our most popular characters
– New, exciting character launches
– Simplifying our giving mission/giving process
– Raising funds to fuel the mission 

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Happiness Hero of the Month: Diezel Charles Uhrich

Happiness Hero Diesel 2

Diezel was born 7 weeks early and had many complications due to his early birth. This little guy and his family remained strong, kept praying, and now little Diezel is doing great! Story submitted by his grandmother, Dee Dee Thompson:

Diezel was born on October 20th,2012, about 7 weeks early. He was 5lbs 10 oz which was a fairly good size for a preemie! When he was born his lungs were not mature, so they had to give him a steroid shot to try and mature the lungs. He had to be put on a ventilator for over a week because he could not breathe on his own. With a lot of faith and prayer we took it one day at a time. Then he had to have feeding tube to eat and developed jaundice. He was under a bilirubin light for a few days. With all our faith in God he came off the ventilator and came home at a month old weighing 4lbs 10 oz. He is our little miracle boy and is now 8 months old and goes to children’s therapy because he still has some choking issues. It’s a blessing to have my gorgeous lil’ grandson so well and happy, always pray and never give up your Faith in God.

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Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas!


Summer Birthdays are the best! Ideas for parties are so much easier when the weather is warm and kids are off of school. This Summer Living article by Martha Stewart has so many great party ideas for your little girl or boy :)

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4th of July Marshmallow Pops!

happy 4th

How to make these 4th of July marshmallow pops that your whole family will love!

You’ll need:
◾Lollipop Sticks
◾White Almond Bark
◾Red & Blue Sprinkles (very festive!)
◾A box, flowerpot or other fun container
◾Styrofoam (to hold the sticks)
◾1-2 bags of Red Hots (for sprinkling over the styrofoam)
◾Ribbon or a Bandana (optional for decoration)
◾Free Printable Tags (just because they are cute)

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